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The unique personality of our Global BBA programme lies in a pedagogical approach based on experiential learning and the possibilities for a multi-campus experience. With a diverse choice of campuses ready to welcome you at different moments during your studies, this unique programme delivers a coherent learning and action approach.

Beyond classwork and beyond face-to-face,alternative learning modes through hands-on projects

The numerous activities fully integrated into the program will give students a chance to

  1. 1. Conduct client surveys, assess and critically monitor websites, study brand image and awareness…
  2. 2. Carry out a social audit, launch a marketing project, adapt a company’s merchandising policy
  3. 3. Participate in induction seminars, business games, idea-generation workshops
  4. 4. Manage an innovation or business creation project from scratch: the challenge in launching a new product or service or opening up a new market will require you to draw on the whole range of fundamental courses, integrate diverse areas of knowledge (finance, marketing, law, management…), and thus deliver both an innovative and solid business proposal

These projects and missions are defined and hosted by firms and establishments in services, transport & logistics, food industry, fashion, leisure activities, tourism, oil drilling, real estate…

BBA Xavier University Bhubaneswar BBA Xavier University Bhubaneswar

Example of Courses

First Year in India

  1. 1. Research methods
  2. 2. Analysis of content and data
  3. 3. Find and analyse business information
  4. 4. Understanding accounting information
  5. 5. Introduction to Marketing
  6. 6. The History of Business
  7. 7. Project and Team Management
  8. 8. Introduction to Law
  9. 9. Digital training (statistics, information systems, tools)
  10. 10. English + LV2+LV3

2nd year in India

  1. 1. Globalisation and Geopolitics
  2. 2. Social Sciences and cross cultural management
  3. 3. Mathematics and Applied Statistics for Management
  4. 4. Corporate social and environmental responsibility and Sustainable development
  5. 5. Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Marketing, Provisional budgets, etc.)
  6. 6. Strategic marketing & customer relations
  7. 7. Communication & community management

3rd year in France

  1. 1.Information Systems and Management Control
  2. 2. International Marketing
  3. 3. Human Resource Management
  4. 4. International Business Management
  5. 5. Social Entrepreneurship
  6. 6. Information & digital systems
  7. 7. Competitive & Business Intelligence
  8. 8. African Business Environment

4th year in India

  1. 1. Corporate governance
  2. 2. Managing sustainable innovation
  3. 3. Operations management
  4. 4. Strategic & change management
  5. 5. Big business players
  6. 6. Export management
  7. 7. Brand management
  8. 8. Digital transformation & new management practices
  9. 9. Rethinking business models
  10. 10. LV2/LV3
  11. 11. Research methods

Functional and sector specific specialisations

Are available in the 4th year and cover the following themes :

  1. 1. Supply chain & purchasing
  2. 2. Corporate finance, management control & auditing
  3. 3. International Business: Human ressources management, Event management, Marketing management
  4. 4. Life Sciences & Health care evolution
  5. 5. Managing growth
  6. 6. Public services management
  7. 7. Digital firms
  8. 8. Hospitality Management
  9. 9. Luxury & design industry
  10. 10. E-business
  11. 11. Banking & Insurance
  12. 12. Family business
BBA Xavier University Bhubaneswar

A top-level 4-year bachelor program....!

Key Facts

  1. 1. A top-level 4-year bachelor program
  2. 2. Modes of learning inspired by design thinking and developed through our partnerships with engineering schools
  3. 3. A cross-disciplinary learning approach, even beyond the traditional fields of management, drawing on testimonies and insights from partners and experts,
  4. 4. Large part of the courses structured around experiential learning
  5. 5. A dedicated academic team comprising permanent faculty professors and professional experts from the business world
  6. 6. At least six months professional experience
  7. 7. Freedom to choose from a wide range of opportunities and thus construct one’s own study path
  8. 8. Take advantage of one year’s international experience at one of the emlyon campuses worldwide.

Application Fee: INR 1000

Evaluation Fee (Only for shortlisted candidates): INR 4000

Application Criteria

A candidate applying to this program must have scored at least 65% in aggregate in anyone of the following 12th Standard Board examinations:

  1. 1. All India Senior School Certification Examination (CBSE), or
  2. 2. India School Certificate (ISC) Year 12 exam, or
  3. 3. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) from the Indian State Boards.

A Candidate can also apply if s/he has International Baccalaureate Diploma minimum score of 30 points (from at least six subjects).

Selection Criteria

Only shortlisted candidates will be required to send softcopy attachments of their academic details and other credentials for selection evaluation.

Only shortlisted Candidates will be evaluated on the following:

  1. 1. Assessment of the candidate’s application dossier
    The assessment of the on-line application and accompanying documents (exam results, cover letters, etc.) takes into account the student’s background in terms of academic excellence and the diversity of extra-curricular activities.
  2. 2. E-Portfolio
    The candidate will send in a presentation of his/her achievements, background and motivation for joining the Global BBA program in digital format. There is no pre-determined model, example or detailed description of such a presentation since it should reflect the personality of the candidates and provide an opportunity for them to express themselves in ways which are true to them and suit them the best (video, slide-show, photo presentation, blog…). There is no right or wrong option. The structure, internal coherence and relevance, the aesthetic choices and the overall quality of the presentation will be the elements assessed.
  3. 3. Motivation interview
    The aim of the interview is to assess the candidate’s potential to participate in and contribute to the program while developing his/her abilities both within the learning environment and subsequently in real business situations. The candidate will be encouraged to reflect on his/her experiences (education, family, associations, sports,…) and his/her future projects. (Interview time: 15 min.)
  4. 4. English Language Proficiency Test (To be used for those candidates from vernacular medium schools)
    Students who have not been educated in English medium schools must have acceptable English language scores: IELTS overall score of 6, with no band less than 5.5, TOEFL iBT score of 60 overall, with no band less than 20, PTE score of 50, with no band less than 45. Scores from Cambridge English tests (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CFP…) can be accepted as TOEFL equivalent scores. Applicants who are mother-tongue English speakers or who attended high school taught in English (IB diploma, US High School diploma, GCE or any High School Diploma) are not required to provide an English language certificate.

Program Fees: June 2019 Intake

Academic Year

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Fees & Other Charges Payable by all students INR INR EURO INR
A. Registration Fees 75 000 75 000 * 75 000
B. Tuition fees
(inclusive of two semesters)
525 000 525 000 * 525 000
C. Books, course materials, cases, simulations and Out of classroom activities * 25 000 9000 25 000
D. Field Visits * 30 000 * 30 000
E. Alumni 30 000 -- * --
F. University Support and Infrastructure fee 70 000 * * *
TOTAL 700 000 655 000 9 000 655 000


  1. 1. Partial scholarships would be provided for early birds and meritorious students
  2. 2. Registration fees are payable each year along with the first semester fees for the year.
  3. 3. Registration fees are taken every year to meet various administrative costs like subscriptions, software, the internet, database management, learning management systems, etc. This is an annual cost and cannot be prorated.
  4. 4. INR fees are payable to XEBS, XIM society and Euro fees are payable to Emlyon Business School directly.
  5. 5. All airfares would be borne separately by students along with their visa, foreign accommodation, meal costs, medical insurance and all other foreign stay expenses.
  6. 6. The tuition fees are to be paid in full before the commencement of the academic year at the time of registration.
  7. 7. All other fees are to be paid prior to the commencement of the course/academic year.
  8. 8. University support and infrastructure fee is directly payable to Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.

*XEBS reserves the right to make any changes in its program, course curriculum and offerings made in this website or in any printed or digital form without notice anytime as per its own discretion and without assigning any reason whatsoever.